Adam R Winstock

I am a Consultant Addiction Psychiatrist, Honorary Clinical Professor, educator, researcher, founder and director of Global Drug Survey and architect of the drugs meter and drinks meter. I have held senior positions in both the UK and Australia and hold post graduate qualifications in internal medicine, psychiatry, addiction medicine and research. 

In addition to
publishling over 130 research papers, book chapters and monographs I have also worked extensively across public health services. I am a user focused clinician promoting transparency in clinical decision making and supporting the development and implementation of quality public and individual health services. I am a highly accomplished teacher, trainer and developer of educational program's. 

My clinical work has taken me from the community and acute hospital settings, to maritime medicine, correctional facilities and to remote Aboriginal communities in Australia. I also provide expert legal opinion and consultation to both the private and public health sector. 

With the launch of Global Drug Survey (the world's largest annual survey of current drug users) and the drugs meter (and drinks meter) my interests are how to map drug use trends across the world and to engage people who use drugs, including alcohol using
web and smart phone technology.

I believe most people are smart enough and resilient enough to sort out their own issues related to substances. The earlier they are able to
recognise that their use may be causing them problems the easier things can be to sort out. The drugs meter, drinks meter and the GDS Highway Code (harm reduction guide voted for by 80,000 people) are for the hidden masses of drug users who want to enjoy their substance and keep themselves and those they care for safe.

- Adam R WInstock

"The best antidote to drug use isn’t tougher laws – it’s growing old 'Drug policy needs to focus on keeping people safe through their teens and 20s and developing a society that grants universal access to the emerging and rewarding responsibilities of adulthood, not judgment and incarceration" 


Professor Adam R Winstock




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