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For as little as 2€, the same as a cup of coffee, you can help us reach our goals. 

Monthly Donation

Monthly donations are a huge thing for us. From your end, it's only a few euros or dollars a month. But if a handful of people all take this small step to help, all of a sudden our project is sustainable. Pretty cool, right? That's the power of a collective. 


Your donation will go directly towards our different projects. It will give us the ability to interview better guests, make cooler episodes, and help other passionate people get their projects off the ground.

One-Time Donation

Looking to make a one-time donation? PayPal makes it easy. Just click the button below and select the amount you'd like to contribute in the "donation per item" item field. You'll be directed to the PayPal website to complete your donation.


If monthly donations aren't your thing and you'd rather make a single payment, we get it. This option is perfect for you. Same as with monthly donations, your contribution will go towards increasing the quality of our projects.



Do you have a product, service, or cause that is aligned with our brand and mission? If so, please feel free to contact us to discuss possible sponsorship options. 


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