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So this concept is still a work in progress but here's the thought process: job titles are lame. They're not totally worthless, but we believe there's a much better way to do things. If you're into video games then you're probably familiar with class systems and skill trees. (Skyrim is of particular inspiration here) First, you pick your class (with some skills and traits already hardwired into your character) and then you build out a unique combination of skill trees based on your style of play. We thought it'd be really cool to use the same concept in an organization. 

At TCU we're tied together by a political philosophy, or vision of what life can and should be and how to achieve it,  but this doesn't mean we're all the "philosopher" class. In order to get anything out of our heads and into the world, we needed to bring people together with a whole range of skills and interests - and create a system that plays to their strengths and empowers them as individuals. Different classes, different skills.

So again, this is a work in progress but we wanted to share it with you as the development comes along. Class pages a better overview will be available soon, as well an application form if you want to be a part of TCU. 


Taking philosophy out of the ivory tower and into the street. People who enjoy intellectual debates as long as they lead to action. These are the mapmakers and architects of TCU, always asking "Why?" and then "How?". 


Perhaps more like a gardener than a psychologist, but definitely somewhere in between. If a psychologist thinks about the brain like a computer, a gardener sees it as an ecosystem. A facilitator is a people person, coach, facilitates and organizes workshops, etc. Like if human resources got a system update. 


Mad scientists. People who can build stuff. Electronic, organic, or otherwise. 


To study consciousness is to simultaneously transform consciousness.  


How can artists stay free? Free of captivity from executives demanding you make their brand look trust-worthy. 


Politicians lack heart and a sense of humor. Activists lack a plan or basic understanding of hierarchies. Let's agree to meet somewhere in the middle: advocate.


Responsibilities: smoking an elongated pipe and occasionally conferring wisdom. 

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