The Collective

student organization for psychology students at the University of Twente interested in a metamodern approach to education, psychology, and mental well-being

What is this student organization about? 

The purpose of this organization is quite straightforward. We have four main mission statements:


  1. To take a metamodern approach to psychology, education, mental health, and the surrounding systems/politics responsible for the current state of these subjects

  2. To accept organizational responsibility for the mental health and well-being of every student and faculty member at the University of Twente

  3. To actively create and implement solutions aimed at decreasing mental health issues and increasing the well-being of students and faculty at the University of Twente

  4. To redesign the psychology programs at the University of Twente according to an integral metatheory of education - starting with psychology students receiving credits towards their degree for their role and participation in this student organization

If you are interested in being a part of this organization during the 2019/2020 school year then apply below

"It is shown that a metamodernist psychology focuses on the study of the inner world of a modern "digitized person"; the provision of assistance for those who experience the difficulties in adapting to new and changing cultural conditions, and those who are unsuccessfully trying to solve their psychological problems, relying on the cognitive system, formed under the impact of modernist and postmodernist cultural influences."

- Anatoly A. Grebenyuk & Andrey E. Nosovtsov


“Beginning with the individual, it must be recognized that the reproduction of social realities is always accomplished through their transformation, specifically through the creative and autonomous actions of agents who are held responsible for what they say and do. Reductive human capital theory envisions a future that is simply a continuation of the present, whereas an integral meta-theory of education envisions a radically open future, dependent upon the creative actions of future generations. This leads to a focus on the conditions that foster the development of autonomous, reflective, and ethical individuals. This means building the educational system around the realities of human psychology and social relations, as opposed to building it around the needs of the economy.” 


- Zachary Stein, Education in a Time Between Worlds

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